5 Essentials of a 360-Degree Digital Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant Business

Digital Marketing Strategy for a Restaurant Business

One of the most challenging businesses to enter and thrive in is the restaurant industry. The restaurant business is cut-throat and it tends to be very much a challenge to draw in and hold customers, particularly for the ones who are new to the business. The key to upscaling any business is strategizing on how to market it to your audience.

Whether you’re reaching your audience through social media channels, emails, or search engines like Google, it is important to carry out research and understand your target audience, their choice, and preferences. The better you know your audience, the more fruitful will be your marketing plan implemented for digital media. Our digital marketing team at WRO Digital Technologies has structured the basics of digital marketing strategy that covers every aspect of our digital services. 


When you’re in the food business, you don’t have to showcase yourself as serious ones just like those big corporate brands. Just focus on making your presence appealing, serving delicious food, offering awesome deals, and using a great digital marketing strategy for restaurant. Building a loyal customer base is the dream of every restaurant owner. While your customers can’t taste your food from afar, they can certainly see your delicious images or videos online. So, let’s explore effective ways to step up the marketing game of your restaurant. Here are the five most essential digital marketing strategies that can enhance your brand value and grow your restaurant business.


  • Website Design and Development


    If you want to build a website for customers to order food, it is important to make sure your website design also called User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) is eye-catching, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. Pay attention to minor details such as implementing brand colour schemes, fonts, HD photos, and videos as well as menu placement. Make it easy for them to browse your menu, make reservations, allow them to order online, and leave reviews. Your customers are more likely to share offers or discounts available on your website with their friends or family. A smart placement of offers and discounts can attract a maximum number of people to order from your website.   

    For your website content, the focus must be on educating your visitors with your menu, cuisines, ingredients, packaging, hygiene, recent events, and more keeping your brand voice in mind. Include blogs, articles, news releases, and make your website copy catchier. Creating transparency among your audience can help you build loyalty.

  • Social Media and Online PR


    Social media has become an important online channel for businesses and brands that allows people to connect with you, share their reviews, or collaborate with your restaurant. Your potential customers are on social media looking for suggestions and sharing their experiences. They love to know what new you are offering or what’s trending. Social media and online PR can put you in the top spot among your competitors. You just need to create your unique presence with compelling posts, stories, reels, and get reviews from your customers. 
    The key element is to get your customers to engage with you in restaurants as well as social media and show your commitment to serving the best to them. Don’t forget to post tempting photos and videos to make your social presence appealing.

    Here are some tips to follow:

  • Monitor and upscale your online presence.
  • Host contests, quizzes, and more to build connections with your customers.
  • Place targeted ads on social media.
  • Respond to comments and mentions to show your commitment.
  • Share your achievements and PR coverage on social media and website to highlight your strengths.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


    Rank your website higher on search engines by optimizing your website with SEO techniques. More visitors will find your restaurant as your website rises in the search results, increasing the size of your customers. The earlier you begin, the better will be your online visibility. Hence, it is better to optimize your SEO Strategy during your website development phase. 

    SEO has three important elements:

  • On-page SEO – Target your ideal keywords for your restaurant and write your website page content inclusive of those keywords. Also, list your website on review site and create as many backlinks as possible.


  • On-page Technical SEO – Optimize your website by structuring it with meta tags and index pages to help crawlers find your website and effectively index your page content. Create a sitemap, link your social media pages on your website, add your website link on Google Business Page, and make sure your website has an SSL certificate.


  • Remember, every page on your website must have proper meta tags such as title, description, and keywords. For example, short tail keywords may appear as “Digital Marketing Strategies”, “Digital Marketing Agency”, or “Restaurants Marketing” while long tail keywords can be “Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants”, “digital marketing for restaurants” etc.


  • Off-page SEO – Generate external links in various listing websites, articles, blogs, and other directory websites that redirect to your website.


    Here are some tips to follow:

  • Never execute SEO techniques all at once. It will lower your ranking.
  • Always keep your information updated on your website and other linked sources.
  • Incorporate blogs and articles and share them on your various online channels.
  • Use local SEO techniques to rank on top of your local search results.

  • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

    Many individuals ask Google or Siri for restaurant recommendations. PPC can help you get at the top of the local search result page when anyone searches for “Restaurant near me” or “Best Multicuisine Restaurant in Mumbai”, etc. The majority of people click the first link that comes to the search result, thus PPC marketing and advertising can help you beat your local competitors with higher rankings. You just need to bid for your relevant targeted keywords and pay for the click by the visitors. The budget and insights can be monitored from Google Ads account.


    To obtain the right keywords and phrases, our digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai can provide you with restaurant marketing ideas and advertising strategies where we list out keywords based on your restaurant or café category, cuisine, location, and other relevant areas.

    Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use relevant call-to-action (CTC) buttons such as call or message on WhatsApp to make your ad more effective.
  • Optimize your PPC ad for every screen including mobile view.
  • Use location-based keywords more.
  • Monitor and analyze your ad result and conversion rate.

  • Outbound Marketing
  • Get better ROI than any type of marketing from Outbound marketing techniques as it targets your customers directly who are interested in your offerings. Outbound marketing includes Email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and SMS marketing. Segmentation and personalization are the key elements in outbound marketing.
  • Primarily you need to build your customer list. Through the contact form and subscribe feature on your website, you can collect the information of your online visitors. With offline marketing strategies such as promotional offers, restaurant reviews, lucky draws, etc. you can get the email address and contact numbers of your interested customers. 
  • The success of your outbound marketing campaigns depends on the quality content and call-to-action. With our expertise in promotional and content marketing strategies, we get you to your potential customers and make them open your emails and messages.

    Here are some tips to follow:
  • Use social media channels, messaging, and mailing platforms collectively to increase your customer response.
  • Make your message feel personalized by addressing it with the customer’s name.
  • Make your content engaging and relevant to your customer.
  • Let them know the benefits of subscribing to your mailing list.



Now it’s time to spend a little more time and invest in the restaurant marketing strategies and techniques we have outlined above. For any strategy to be effective, you must have a solid plan of action to maximize your profits. To know more about our digital marketing services, you may mail us your query at info@werankone.com or call us at +91 99672 65220.


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